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Meet our souled coaches


jackie engel

Jackie Engel is an Australian born, now New York transplant, with a background in Psychology, Education and Leadership Development.

In 2005, Jackie was the Resident Psychologist on the Australian “Today Show,” for two years. She then went to Israel to assess and educate herself about her Jewish heritage. She fell in love with it, never left and stayed on teaching and counseling there for a few years. Since then, she has become the Director of SOULED and is now the Director of Leadership Development for Olami, a global community in 320 locations.

Her passion for Judaism, and leadership development, has fueled her work, allowing her to become an international keynote speaker for many organizations and events. As an educator, Jackie has inspired thousands of young Jewish women to discover clarity, connect with their roots, and live a life of meaning.

Jackie is dedicated to sharing the beauty of Jewish wisdom with others around the world, to help them connect with their inner essence, find clarity and purpose in life. She is available for online SOULED Coaching Sessions or face to face if in New York.


Ayelet polonsky

Ayelet is a Cognitive Behavioral Coach, who has researched, created, and is highly experienced in delivering cutting edge treatments that help adults experience deeper levels of fulfillment and freedom.

Her goal is to help YOU create a life you love by transforming the way you communicate with yourself and with the world around you.

Through a combination of practical, psychological and spiritual techniques, Ayelet coaches you to gain the ability to make big life decisions with more clarity, handle overwhelming unwanted emotions, and cognitively shift your perception of yourself

Working with Ayelet, you will become better equipped at identifying the root to your life's blockages and ultimately, what is getting in the way of your truest fulfillment.