Matza, Mindfulness and Mysticism

Trust the Process:

We’re encouraged to do this all the time knowing that the process is designed by a Divine Source beyond our comprehension. And while we may not see the direct connections or outcomes of our efforts, we trust that it is intended and purposeful. So we trust and continue. The times in which we do not trust the process, we allow fear, doubt, anger and concern to take over our open mindedness.

Passover is a process. In Hebrew, Seder, means order, and with specific intention Jews for

thousands of years have been recounting the story of the exodus from Egypt in a specific order.

While we may not always fully understand the process, it is easy to recognize the potential in

actualizing its order.

Like all good things in life, when we work hard for the wins in our life we appreciate the success

much greater than we would have if we were just given it. The Pesach seder is designed to make us work for our freedom. To remind us just how bad it was - allowing us to be reminded of just how great we have it.

Unlike much of how our modern lives are designed today, Judaism doesn’t necessarily promote

instant gratification. in fact, much of how Jewish practice and tradition is designed, is to promote

long term fulfilment, happiness and success, with consistent and steady practice.

When we trust the process, we grant ourselves permission to let a Divine Source (God) into our lives, we build that relationship and we see value in investing in the long term expression of that connection

The seder is a reminder that with trust, patience, hard work and respect we can let God into

our lives from the mundane to the miracles.

Years later, Jews around the world are here to retell the story of our Exodus.

Happy Passover!

Jackie Engel